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letsgetwalkin's Journal

Let's Get Walkin'!
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On July 15th, 2005 I was devastated to discover that I'd gained too much wieght to fit on some of the rides at Canada's Wonderland. Even in my worst nightmares I never thought anything like this would happen to me. This is the stuff those horrible Jenny Craig commercials are made of. SInce then I have made an effort to get back into shape again and I am happy to say I have the support of other livejournal friends who are also trying to do likewise. Every day, armed with my trusty Kellogs Special K Step-Counter, I try to do my manditory 10,000 steps and then some, which I've been recording in my personal LJ along with whatever progress I've made so far.

However, the only major drawback is that sometimes when I'm out there I get lonely. I wish I had other people to walk with so the journey doesn't seem quite as arduous. So the idea that came to me is at least the next best thing....

Why don't we start a community where we can be accountable to one another and cheer eachother on when it comes to helping one another meet our fitness goals.